Loxley (goodluckfox) wrote,

That was an epic roller derby bout.

It was the last jam of the bout. The Magnolia Roller Vixens had just been down by about 15 at the start of the previous jam, but Rowdy Reeta Ricochet zoomed through the Prizkilla Presleys for a five point gain, calling the jam before the other jammer could wide the lead.

So with the last jam of the bout, the Vixens blockers managed to box in the Presley's jammer, holding her to three points, while Nitro Glisten was able to score grand slam after grand slam. I kept watching and waiting for the Presley's jammer ref to signal how many points she'd scored, but he usually only does so once the jammer has cleared the pack... and the Presley's jammer apparently hadn't gotten out of her first scoring pass.

I don't know if the time ran out or if Nitro called off the jam, or what. But it was PANDELERIUM in the convention center. When the jam was over, I ran into the infield and talked to my jammer ref, Pantichrist (I was keeping score for the Presleys the second half of the bout).

Me: "Did she only score 3 points the whole jam?"

Pantichrist: "Yeah. She was never able to make it out of her first scoring pass."

The crowd (to me) seemed to get quiet, as I ran back across the track to my station, and tallied up the Presley final score. "99" I told Bee TeeZee, our scoreboard operator. The Vixens score had already been updated to 103, so everyone was waiting for the updated score for the Presleys to find out whether the Vixens had managed to come from so far behind and win a fifth consecutive game.

The place went nuts.

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