Loxley (goodluckfox) wrote,

I am back in my home.

Baby sister had gall bladder surgery and is recuperating in Mom's guest room... don't ask me why she can't recuperate at my townhome that I've been letting her stay in. Whatever. So she and my brother in law are in Mom's guestroom now, and i've packed a bag of things (including liquor) and am now back in my townhome. It's full of my baby sister's CRAP.

At least it's set up differently so it doesn't remind me so much of when Heather was here. That was a motivating factor for letting Maverick borrow it anyway... too many memories here.

Anyway, I'm about half lit, been watching the series premiere of "Breaking Bad" on my big-ass television, and finished off my kahlua bottle and most of the vodka bottle.

I spent ALL DAY today playing taxi for a friend whose car got repo'd. I'm trying to help them get their life back together. Mental illness is a helluva thing. When the calculus is whether to choose to engage in a personal hobby or spending time helping someone, how can one make any choice other than the latter?

I look forward to boxing Mav's shit up and throwing crap away.

I also look forward to getting back to work on the Barn Queen... it's going to be my shelter of last resort.
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