Loxley (goodluckfox) wrote,

What nerds may look like...


From a con in 1997.

Front row, left to right: Fenn/Gordy, Kodian, Nev, Hartree Fox, Elkay, no idea.
Back row, left to right: Karma/Lillytigre, Yappy Slyfox, creature, Rowen, Tehrasha, SusanDeer, name forgotten, Loxley (me!), Ricochet, Wolfus, Growltiger
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July 19 2011, 15:02:30 UTC 5 years ago

Wow. I've lost touch with so many of these folks. :(
Yep. Albany Anthrocon. I was there too, just not in the photo :)
Can you believe that 'no idea' in the front row is SirFox? :)
??? But his hair isn't in a ponytail! With the tip frosted white, no less!
I was wondering if it was him. For some reason, he looks different in this picture.

This is the con I sat up in bed and gasped thinking I lost my hearing. Then realized "Oh, I have earplugs in my ears" then fell back asleep.

I never knew you were right there!
I do not know who was more scared.
You, for thinking you had gone deaf, or me when surprise-fox bolted straight up in bed gasping like he was having a heart attack!

I had been up all night and just returning to the room. I was tiptoeing through the room -trying- to be quiet at the time.... Then Rowen nearly broke my arm when I tried to wake her.
OMG, I remember that! I was there, but just wasn't at the right place at the right time to be in that picture! I heard about it after the fact, but I missed it :(

Yes, AAC 97, That was a fun con! and my first furry con!
HOLY S**T!! Where the hell did you find this photo?
Kes posted it to her Facebook. I snagged a copy for myself. :) Yappy Slyfox's conpix archive is apparently long gone.
Wow every time I see this picture and I've seem it in several facebook post now I think , that was another life time. So fun. For me it was 2 nicknames ago :D