Loxley (goodluckfox) wrote,

Long time no post.

Sorry I haven't updated lately.

Executive summary: working very hard at work, crazy hours. I clocked 53 hours of overtime last month. We made our goal, though, through heroic efforts.

Maverick had to have emergency gall bladder surgery (this is on top of what I think was pelvic adhesive disease last summer culminating in a hysterectomy and of course systemic lupus. The decision was made by someone that she should convalesce with my idiot brother in law Boomhaur at Mom's house.

Fine. So I moved back into my house a couple of weeks ago. I needed to anyway so I could keep my tax credit.

The plan was for us to basicly swap spaces, since they are planning on buying a house now that I have helped them refinance her house in Hattiesburg to lower the mortgage down to something reasonable. But Boomhaur was whining about my bed in Mom's guest room. He just HAD to have his bed. Fine. So the plan was for him to come get it and Mav would get a few things.

It turned into MOVING.


It turned into drama. Have I said lately how much I HATE moving? I'm very good at it, mind you. But damn.
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