Loxley (goodluckfox) wrote,

It has been three months since I blogged last.

I have probably lost a chunk of my "audience" unless they also follow my Facebook posts (which I have continued to make). I should probably go and backdate some entries based on my FB posts.

So what's up with me? I got married, for one thing. November 11, 2011, Veterans Day to an Air Force Veteran. Things really came together. One of my law school classmates got her bankruptcy finalized the day before the ceremony. Another got her Social Security Disability case resolved and the first benefits check (containing a sizable retroactive payment) arrived the week before, so we had money enough to replace the appliances she sold at a yard sale for 50 bucks as well as pay the various wedding expenses without worrying. And I married her, so Mississippi College School of Law Class of 2008 was pretty good to her. :)

I got a promotion at work to GS12. That's not quite a ten thousand dollar a year raise, but it's close. It means no more prioritizing, robbing peter to pay paul, or other financial tricks where I metaphorically keep three or four balls up in the air using only two hands.

Dana is a very special girl. She's a lot like me in many ways, and can be quite weird in a good way. She not only tolerates some of my crazy schemes, but actively participates and is enthusiastic.

She can't wait for me to get the Cheshire Cat fixed up.
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